SEM E: Electronic steering system

Our SEM E electronic steering system is an ideal solution for semi-trailers with an extremely low neck and subsequent mounting height, this is due to minimal trailer chassis modifications and the fact that no fifth wheel unit (turntable) is needed.

Without the need for a significant mechanical connection where the tractor unit and semi-trailer combine, a weight advantage can be achieved by the power source that feeds the steering action being directly supplied by the towing vehicle.

To ensure a safe and stable drive the wheels are locked into the straight ahead position at higher speeds.

The truck’s steering angle is detected by the kingpin sensor and sends this signal to the steering systems’ ECU, activating the accumulators to steer the trailer axle wheel ends by the hydraulic steer cylinder. A sensor positioned on the pivot joint of the axle, informs the ECU regarding the angles of the axles. Auxiliary batteries provide hydraulic accumulators with the required power to drive an electro-hydraulic pump.