SEM H: Hydraulic steering system

The SEM H; hydraulic steering system is created through the presence of a hydraulic connection between the fifth wheel and the axles by means of hydraulic cylinders and hoses.

SEM H; hydraulic steering systems are primarily suitable for the use within heavy transport and trailers of exceptional length or height. Due to the extreme dimensions of these vehicles, installing a steering system is necessary to meet legal requirements. Hydraulic steering is very suitable for telescopic trailers because there is no mechanical coupling between the fifth wheel and the axles.

A significant improvement in maneuverability can also be achieved with manual override by the SEM Remote Override Control. The system is maintained through the regular greasing of the turntable along with visual inspection of the components and connections.

This can fit in with ‘standard’ maintenance cycles.

SEM Remote Override Control with wireless remote control

To enable trailers with a hydraulic steering system even more maneuverable, they can be overridden manually.
One of the unique features of the SEM Remote Override Control is automatic alignment of the vehicle with the truck after using the override function.

The main advantages are:

  • Suitable for semi-trailers where no mechanical linkage is possible
  • Ability to manually override wheel angle
  • Less tyre wear
  • Decrease of vehicle and road damage
  • Saves time through system flexibility

Technical Specification

Number of steered axles
4 max (from 4 axles additional cylinders are needed)
Fifth wheel load
18t max.
Axle load
Contra steering
Chassis centres
Spring centres